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How to choose an electric stacker-the manufacturer teaches you a few tricks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-27
Electric stackers rely on batteries to provide power, are environmentally friendly, have no pollution, are simple to operate and have high efficiency, and have become the first choice for many manufacturers' warehouses for goods transfer and stacking. Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. teaches you a few tips to help you choose a more suitable electric stacker: 1. How many goods need to be transferred? 2. How high will the demand increase the goods? 3. Is the tray single-sided or double-sided? Should consider choosing an electric stacker with or without outriggers? 4. What is the width of the channel? Is it satisfied that the electric stacker turns in the aisle? 5. How much load is required when it rises to the highest point? 6. The height of the roof of the plant should be known to prevent damage to the roof of the plant when it rises to the highest point. 7. Is the ground flat? Does it need to climb? What is the slope? 8. What is the height of the entrance and exit? Does the height of the equipment affect entry and exit? 9. Do you want to enter the elevator? Can the scale of the equipment go into the elevator? What is the carrying capacity of the elevator? Can it carry the weight of the equipment? In actual operation, there are other issues that need to be noted, such as whether it is used in a cold storage, whether it is used in an inflammable and explosive environment, and so on.
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