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How to choose an engine for a forklift? And its supporting requirements

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-29
Forklifts are used in a wide range of areas, with great climatic differences, harsh working conditions, heavy dust, frequent changes in working conditions, and heavy loads. Therefore, the forklift truck should have good power and fuel economy reliability, long service life, good cold start performance and easy maintenance. At the same time, it is also required to have a compact structure, a small size, and meet the damage protection indicators of standards and regulations. Generally, a good forklift engine should have the following basic characteristics: (1) It can adapt to continuous and long-term work and bear heavy loads, and its rated power is hourly power. gasoline engines should be equipped with a speed limiter. (2) engines are often subjected to greater impacts and strong vibrations during operation, so the body and accessories should have sufficient rigidity and strength, and three-point support should be used for installation and fixation. (3) In order to ensure that it can work under rapidly changing load conditions, it is generally advisable to use a full-range speed governor whose instantaneous speed regulation should be less than 12%, and the stable speed regulation should be less than 8%. (4) In order to adapt to the port and wharf operating environment, the engine is required to have greater torque adaptability, and the torque reserve coefficient should generally be greater than 12% (except for torque converters). (5) In order to meet the needs of hydraulic pumps and auxiliary equipment, the engine should be equipped with auxiliary power output. For small and medium tonnage forklifts, the hydraulic pump should be installed directly on the engine, and its auxiliary output power is required to be 50%-100% of the total power. (6) Forklifts often work on sloping ground, and the engine is required to be able to work normally when tilted back and forth or left and right. Generally, the engine is required to be able to work at a trim 20o and a heel 15o. (7) Forklifts often operate in environments with a lot of dust in the air. A high-efficiency air filter is required, and the fuel filler, vent, and pipe joints should be dust-proof and sealed. (8) In order to adapt to working in various climatic environments from -40oC to +45oC, there are special requirements for fuel, lubricating oil, grease, coolant, battery, etc., and related systems must be modified. The cold start problem should be solved in cold areas, and overheating prevention devices should be installed in potential zone areas. (9) In order to meet the needs of work in plateau areas, a supercharger should be installed to compensate for the reduction of plateau power. It is required to work in areas with an altitude of 1000-2000m or even 3000m without reducing power. (10) For forklifts operating in tunnels, cabins and other environments, exhaust gas purification devices should be provided; for forklifts that work with greater depths of water, the electrical equipment should be sealed and protected; for operations in environments with gas, special equipment should be provided. Explosion-proof facilities. (11) It must have high reliability and long service life. The target value of the newly developed lithium pallet truck engine should be: the first failure period of the diesel engine is greater than 800h. The first overhaul period is 6000-10000h; the target value of gasoline engine refers to the requirements of automobile engines. (12) The exhaust emission, smoke, noise and other environmental protection indicators of lithium pallet truck engines should meet the requirements of national standards or industry standards and be in line with international standards as soon as possible. (13) The volume power ratio of the engine, fuel and oil consumption rate, speed reserve coefficient, minimum working stability thinking speed, and mechanical vibration technical performance indicators should meet the matching requirements of the forklift.
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