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How to choose hydraulic oil for electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-15
The quality of hydraulic oil is directly related to the service life of the electric lithium pallet truck platform and whether it can be used normally. And there are countless types of hydraulic oil, mixed with fish and dragon, and the quality varies from good to bad. How to choose a good hydraulic oil? Today I will share with you a few simple and useful methods: 1. Anti-oxidation, thermal stability: this One characteristic is the key to the life of oil. The color of general hydraulic oil will become darker after a period of use, grease and sludge will settle at the bottom of the oil tank, and there will be sediment clogging in the filter, and the oil needs to be changed frequently. Not only do these phenomena occur with high-quality oil products, but after one year of use, its color will be almost the same as that of new oil. 2. Defoaming test method: The length of the defoaming time of the hydraulic oil is the key to the stability of the hydraulic pressure system. The hydraulic oil tank and tubing circulate during work, and it is inevitable that bubbles will occur in the tank. If the bubbles disappear not fast enough, there will be bubbles. Perhaps it enters the hydraulic pipeline along with the oil, because the gas can be compressed. If there are too many bubbles in the hydraulic oil in the pipeline, when the hydraulic pump generates the pushing pressure, the pressure will be unstable, resulting in unstable transmission pressure, and the formation of electric The lifting speed of the lithium pallet truck platform is not constant, and together it will cause the hydraulic pump to increase wear and shorten the life. 3. Demulsification function: The principle is whether the oil is easily separated from the water. The hydraulic oil will inevitably be mixed with some water during use. If the hydraulic oil cannot quickly remove the water, it will emulsify the oil into white, damage the additives in the oil, and cause pressure instability and useless hydraulic pumps.
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