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How to choose the lifting power motor of the elevator

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-13
As we all know, the lifting power of the elevator relies on the hydraulic system. Because of the telescopic movement of the hydraulic system, the lithium pallet truck platform can be moved up and down. Which hydraulic system will not operate, and who makes the hydraulic system move? Anyone who knows a little about machinery knows that it is a motor. The rotation of the motor drives the operation of the cylinder. How to choose a suitable power motor? Let's talk about some of the requirements of the elevator motor: 1. The motor must have good heat dissipation performance. Because the elevator works continuously and is easy to heat up, it must be forced to ventilate. 2. If a DC motor is used, there should be a transparent window to facilitate the inspection of carbon brushes and commutators. 3. If in a place with high humidity, the internal dehumidifier is equipped with overheating alarm and power-off protection device. 4. For elevators operating in high temperature environments, a motor with class f insulation should be used. 5. When installing elevators indoors, the motor protection level should not be lower than IP23, and should reach IP54 outdoors. 6. All motors should be available in a short time The specified overload capacity 7. When the fan of the motor's cooling device is not in use, the delayed power-off function should be adjusted, especially in Hangzhou elevators. The above are some basic requirements of the motor itself. There are many choices for the motor according to the power. Generally, the appropriate power is selected according to your own load and lifting height. If it is too small, it will not be able to drive the platform up and down because of insufficient power. Waste of resources. So don't look at the power of the motor when customizing, just suit it! In addition, remind everyone that some customers often seal the control box of the motor cylinder for safety. In fact, this is not conducive to their heat dissipation and ventilation, and is prone to failure. Therefore, the control cabinet with the motor and the fuel tank should be placed in a ventilated position as much as possible. Protective measures should be taken for some high-temperature and high-heat environments. In order to avoid accidents causing big losses.
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