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How to deal with the overheating of the hydraulic pump of the electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-15
The problem of overheating of the hydraulic pump of the electric lithium pallet truck platform is less. The reason for the overheating is the low mechanical power or the low volume power. Because the mechanical power is low and the mechanical conflict is large, the loss of mechanical energy is formed. Because of the low volume power, a lot of hydraulic energy is lost, and the lost mechanical energy and hydraulic energy become heat energy, which causes the pump temperature to rise too high. The reasons are:    (1) The gap between the moving parts in the pump is too small, so that the moving parts are in a state of dry conflict and semi-dry conflict, and a lot of heat occurs.   (2) The bearing is burnt out.  (3) Ablation of oil distribution plate or rotor.  (4) The axial gap between the rotor and the oil distribution plate is too large, causing severe leakage and heating.   It is necessary to replace the damaged components of these electric lifting platforms and adjust their movement gaps. Other fluids and fuel tanks do not meet the requirements and will overheat.
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