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How to effectively maintain hydraulic forklifts when the temperature is below zero

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-08
Manual forklifts, battery forklifts, semi-electric stackers, and electric pallets are not as good as spring and autumn and summer when the temperature is below zero in winter. For example, the viscosity of hydraulic oil, the energy of storage battery is not as good as the previous three quarters, and the cooling of fuel forklifts The system is described in detail as follows: 1. The lifting system of the hand pallet truck, manual stacker, semi-electric lifting truck, and counterbalanced forklift are all pushed up by hydraulic oil. Therefore, in winter, the hydraulic oil is due to the temperature The viscosity of the oil has to be thicker relative to the lowering of the oil. Therefore, the electric stacker needs to use the lifting system to work several times when it is not loaded before winter operations, so that the temperature of the oil in the hydraulic cylinder can be restored , It's the same as normal work. 2. The storage battery of electric stacker trucks in winter is not as good as autumn and summer, just as the distance traveled by battery electric vehicles in winter is not as good as the previous three quarters, the same reason. 3. Fuel-fueled forklift cooling system: Fuel-fueled forklifts are powered by diesel and are equipped with a water-cooled system. In winter, check the drain switch and add antifreeze. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the diesel engine, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce mechanical wear, it is necessary to do a good job of heat preservation. A cloth curtain can be placed in front of the diesel engine radiator to cover the radiator to reduce heat loss and keep the engine temperature not too low. The cooling system should be thoroughly cleaned before using antifreeze, and high-quality antifreeze should be selected to avoid corrosion of parts due to poor antifreeze. In winter, fill the diesel engine with hot water at around 80℃ every day. After the operation is completed, all the cooling water must be drained and the switch is still in the open position.
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