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How to improve the respirator of the hydraulic oil tank of a forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-01
The lithium pallet truck hydraulic oil tank is an open structure commonly used in the industry. The gas in the oil tank is communicated with the atmosphere through the respirator. When the oil return pipe returns to the oil, the excess air in the oil tank is discharged through the respirator. Preliminary analysis is that the cause of fuel injection is insufficient ventilation of the respirator, but the problem still exists after removing the respirator and working for a period of time. Remove the fuel filler cap to test, after working for a period of time, the hydraulic oil will be sprayed directly from the fuel filler cap.  The brake pump, steering gear, multi-way valve and mast cylinder return pipe ports are all arranged above the hydraulic oil level, and the pipe ports are facing the steel suction pipe. Field observations revealed that when the working device drops under load, a large amount of oil is quickly returned to the oil, and after passing through the oil return pipe port, it is sprayed to the oil suction pipe at high speed, forming a violent splash. After the hydraulic oil temperature rises, a large number of oil droplets and oil mist will be generated in the oil tank, which will cause the air pressure in the oil tank to rise sharply. These oils, oil droplets and oil mist are eventually discharged quickly through the respirator. Due to the blocking effect of the filter screen, oil droplets and oil mist accumulate on the filter screen when passing through the respirator. Under the action of the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the fuel tank, the hydraulic oil is ejected from the respirator at high speed.   Due to the above problems in the hydraulic oil tank, after research, the position of the oil return pipe on the hydraulic oil tank was re-arranged. The specific method is as follows:  Place the oil return pipe of the brake pump, the oil return pipe of the steering gear and the oil return pipe of the multi-way valve with frequent oil return below the hydraulic oil level, and the positions of the oil return port and the oil suction pipe are staggered and pulled as far as possible. Increase the distance between these oil return ports and the respirator. After re-arranging the above-mentioned oil return pipes of this type of lithium pallet truck, the three oil return ports with frequent oil return are below the liquid level, which avoids the occurrence of oil droplets or oil mist caused by high-speed oil return hitting the oil suction pipe, and the oil injection phenomenon of the fuel tank breather disappears. In addition, this improvement has a certain protective effect on hydraulic components and can extend the service life of hydraulic oil.
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