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How to maintain the battery of semi-electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-03-25

The semi-electric stacker is the main way of moving goods in logistics. Its battery uses a storage battery, which can store limited electric energy. What should be done to maintain the storage battery? Let the semi-electric stacker manufacturer introduce the maintenance of the battery:

Avoid overcharging or overdischarging the semi-electric stacker battery as much as possible. Overcharging or overdischarging will affect the performance and life of the battery. After charging, check the battery liquid level and add distilled water in time to maintain the liquid level. The semi-electric stacker manufacturer reminds you that it is strictly forbidden to add dilute sulfuric acid under normal circumstances. When charging, ensure good ventilation and prohibit fireworks. thereby causing an accident.

When charging, the semi-electric stacker manufacturer will choose the best charging method for you to maintain the battery, which is the balanced charging method. First, carry out ordinary charging, and then stop charging for one hour when it is fully charged, and then use 0.25I5 to charge for one hour, press the above The number of charging is only until the motor is switched on and the air bubbles in the battery of the semi-electric stacker are intense. The battery should avoid direct sunlight, and the distance from the heat source should not be less than 2m.

Semi-electric stacker manufacturers remind you that the battery fluid hole plug and gas cap should be kept clean, removed or opened during charging, installed or closed after charging, and the battery surface, connecting wires and screws should be kept clean and dry. If there is sulfuric acid, wipe it off with cotton yarn dipped in lye, and be careful not to let lye enter the battery of the semi-electric stacker, which may easily cause accidents.

The above is the maintenance method of some semi-electric stacker batteries that semi-electric stacker manufacturers remind you to pay attention to

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