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How to maintain the electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-16
We can see electric lifting platforms in many places, such as shopping malls and warehouses. The electric lithium pallet truck platform is mainly to help everyone achieve high-altitude operations, and its safety factor can be said to be very high compared with other auxiliary tools. Because the use time of the electric lifting platform is relatively long, in order to keep it in good condition after a long time of use, it is necessary to carry out basic maintenance and maintenance, now let’s learn about its basic use and maintenance Knowledge! First of all, when we use it, we need to add lubricating oil, so as to make the connection between various parts better. If lubricating oil is not used, some parts will increase the loss due to increased friction, which will not only reduce it The safety factor will also reduce its service life. For some companies, it is necessary to extend the service life of the electric lithium pallet truck platform, so that its commercial value can be fully reflected and the company's interests can be maximized. Second, if the platform of the lifting platform has been used for a long time, the cylinder-type lithium pallet truck platform will inevitably show some wear and tear. After it is worn out, it must be inspected in time. If there are parts that need to be replaced , It needs to be repaired or replaced in time to ensure that parts problems will not bring some hidden dangers to their own safety during high-altitude operations. At this time, you must not think about being able to survive for a while, because the wear and tear of parts is very serious, it may cause hidden dangers to everyone’s safe operation, or it may cause other parts to wear after they are worn out. If it is replaced in this way, the cost will be higher. Third, when using the electric lifting platform, you must conduct regular inspections to see if there are any problems with the operating rods and other parts. If the operating feeling becomes heavy, then the operating rods have problems, and you must check at this time. After that, make timely adjustments. If there are any parts that need to be replaced, they should be replaced immediately. There are also some valves that need to be updated and cleaned on a regular basis, so you must check the cleanliness of these places during the inspection to see if there is any problem with the cleanliness. If there is dust or other dirty things, it must be cleaned in time. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that regular maintenance of the lifting platform is very necessary. Not only that, but also a comprehensive and large-scale inspection should be carried out frequently, because there are some problems that cannot be found in daily simple maintenance, but if a comprehensive inspection is carried out, it can be dealt with in time, because the electric lifting platform is still worn out after all If you have not found a problem, then the problem may still exist, but you have not found it for the time being, so if you have the conditions, be sure to ask a professional to conduct a comprehensive inspection and treatment.
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