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How to maintain the standing electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-30
1. The standing electric stacker and the diesel lithium pallet truck have the same appearance and the same appearance, but the protection is very different. The standing electric stacker cannot be rained or washed. The water intake controller of the vehicle and the motor are simply short-circuited. 2. Standing It is very important to charge and protect the battery in the operation of the electric stacker. We should pay attention to the power of the battery and judge the power of the battery based on operating experience. When the power is insufficient, the battery should be charged as soon as possible to avoid over-discharge of the battery. Choose a universal charger. When charging, open the battery cover of each single battery to promote the heat dissipation of the battery. The battery water will not overflow. After the battery is charged, check the battery water level. If it is lower than the requirement, it will enter the distilled water in time, carefully arrange the surface of the battery and tighten the thread. 3. Whether the light signal, horn and rear mirror are normal and undamaged 4. Check whether there is oil leakage (including oil hose/hydraulic pump/hydraulic valve/gear box/brake master pump, etc.) 5. The whole vehicle lubrication includes chains and doors 6. Check whether the wires (cables) and plugs are damaged. 7. Check whether there are any loosening (loosening) of screws and fixing frames. 8. Check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon in the external display panel. 9. About one year. Replace gear oil and gear oil once, maintain and protect the battery once
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