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How to realize fast charging of electric forklift battery

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-21
The battery is charged offline from the power supply system, which can supplement the electric energy required by the electric pallet truck battery in a short period of time. This method is called fast charging. Fast charging also uses current-limiting and constant-voltage charging, which can be completed within twelve hours. These charging methods include two stages of current-limiting charging and constant-voltage charging. If only constant voltage is not limited, the battery will be damaged. It will be big. Because the charging current in the initial stage of constant voltage charging will be particularly large, the excessive charging current will increase the concentration of the electrolyte in the pores of the active material on the electrode, and the diffusion speed of the electrolyte does not have the combined speed of concentration polarization and electrochemical polarization. Requirements, there will be a very high potential trend, then the charging voltage value is constant, it will be converted into charging current. When the charging current is too large at the initial stage of charging, the positive electrode active material and the negative electrode active material will have very fine and dense crystal particles, which will affect the depth of charging. In addition, high-power charging equipment is required to achieve high current in the early stage of charging, so the charging current must be limited. What are the factors related to the current power of electric forklifts? The thickness and porosity of the active material on the positive electrode of the battery. If the porosity of the active material is large and the electrode plate is thin, it is conducive to the diffusion of the electrolyte, and the effect of polarization will be reduced. The current on the plate is uniform and the resistance is small, which can reduce the loss of charging current. Depth of discharge. The deeper the discharge depth, the less the positive active material and the fan active material, and the more materials that need to be converted by charging, which can improve the acceptability of electric forklift charging.
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