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How to save yourself when the battery of aerial work platform is out of power

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-05
There are generally two situations when the battery is dead: the battery life is generally 2 to 3 years, and when the life expires, it may suddenly die at a certain stop; when we listen to the radio for a long time, forget to turn off the headlights, and the anti-theft device for a long time The battery is dead due to alarms and other conditions. When the above two situations occur in the aerial platform stacker vehicle, we can choose the following methods to help ourselves: Battery wiring: use the battery wiring method to charge the dead battery, the detailed method is: prepare two relatively thick wires, if yes Those purchased in the market are generally divided into red and black. One end of the red wire can be connected to the positive electrode of a tram battery and the other end to the positive electrode of a losing tram battery. One end of the black wire is connected to the negative electrode of a losing tram battery, and the other end is connected. To the metal part where there is a tram. If there is a tram, start first, so as to drive the loss of the tram. Here we need to emphasize that the powered car should be in working condition, first connect the positive pole, then the negative pole; after starting, loosen the negative pole first, then loosen the positive pole wiring , This can avoid accidentally touching the positive pole with the car body halfway after connecting the negative pole first, forming a short circuit. Trolley or traction: If someone helps, you can also choose the method of cart. The details are to enter the aerial platform stacker and put it in the second gear, then step on the gathering and dispersing without lifting, and wait for the person to push the speed and lift it directly Use the diffuser to add some oil, and the car will start at this time. If you choose towing, the method is the same, but you must pay attention to maintaining the distance between the cars.
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