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How to shift and reverse gears of an electric forklift? How to turn the direction? How to deliver goods neatly?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-11
Since the driving speed and direction of the electric forklift are realized by changing the current size and direction of the driving motor, the electric pallet truck does not have a transmission and a clutch. The speed control pedal is used to directly control the speed, and the direction switch is used to change the driving direction of the forklift ( Forward or reverse). As long as the driving motor rotates, the electric forklift will start, and its speed is controlled by adjusting the pedal, and the brake and parking brake cooperate with the deceleration to stop 'Iron Arm Mall'.  Preparation before driving Before driving and operation, the electric forklift must undergo a technical inspection:    check the battery electrolyte level and density. The liquid level should be 10-15mm higher than the partition, the density should meet the requirements of the region and the season, the single cell voltage should not be lower than 1.75V, and the whole vehicle voltage should not be lower than the lowest limit voltage (such as 20V for 0.4t and 0.5t electric forklifts) , 2t electric tractor is 35V), otherwise the electrolyte should be added or charged, and the electrode joints should be clean and fastened.   Check the power line. All wire joints should be tightly connected and in good contact, the fuse should be intact, and the switches and handles should be in the stop position.   Check whether the instruments, lights, speakers, etc. work normally (close the emergency switch, open the electric lock).   Check the steering mechanism, it should be flexible and light.   Check the brake device, it should be flexible and reliable.   Check whether the bearings and related moving parts are well lubricated and move flexibly.   Check whether the traveling part and hydraulic system are working properly, especially the pipelines, joints, hydraulic cylinders, distribution valves and other hydraulic components for oil leakage.  Inspect the forks and barriers. According to the size of the unloaded cargo, choose a good fork and install it on the fork frame to adjust the distance; choose the retaining frame of the compression device, and adjust it appropriately according to the height of the cargo.   Inspect the forks, hold-down mechanism, traverse mechanism, lifting chain, mast, etc., should work well and be reliable in use.   Check whether the towing hooks are firmly connected to determine the number of trailers when the forklift is towing the trailer.   Check whether the forklift is faulty, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and leave the truck without faults.   Precautions during starting and driving 1. Before starting, the driver should first observe and clean up the site and passage to make it suitable for forklift operation. 2. When starting, you should first close the emergency switch, open the electric lock, then turn the direction switch position, sound the whistle, and then start slowly and gradually accelerate. It is forbidden to depress the speed control pedal quickly to prevent the starting current from burning. Bad motor. 3. Accelerate gradually when driving, and long-term low-speed driving is not allowed. 4. It is strictly forbidden to turn the direction switch during driving, and only after the car is stopped, can the direction switch be turned to change direction. Avoid sudden braking as much as possible. In an emergency, quickly pull down the knife switch, step on the brake pedal, and stop immediately. 5. Sound the whistle when starting and turning, and when turning, going downhill, uneven roads or passing through narrow passages, slow down and pay attention to safety. 6. When driving on the road, pass on the right side, the forklift fork should be about 100-200mm away from the ground, and the mast should be tilted backward. When two vehicles are driving in the same direction, the distance between the front and rear should be more than 2m. 7. When meeting or giving way, empty cars should give way. 8. When the forklift is towing the trailer, it is forbidden to drive in a continuous curve, so as not to affect safety due to high current discharge. No matter empty, full, uphill, downhill, etc., reverse driving is strictly prohibited. When turning, you should slow down to prevent the goods from being scattered. At the same time, pay attention to the difference of the inner wheels to prevent the trailer from scratching the inside or driving out of the road. 9. It is forbidden to carry people in cargo vehicles and trailers. 10. Under normal circumstances, it is forbidden to work at the same time as the electric forklift walking motor and the oil pump motor to extend the service life of the battery. 11. When the working voltage is lower than the lowest limit voltage of the vehicle, stop working and charge in time. 12. If an abnormal phenomenon is found during driving, stop and check immediately, and eliminate the fault in time, and it is strictly forbidden to drive with a fault.
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