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How to solve small faults of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-06
The electric stacker is a kind of storage equipment with battery power as power and electric motor as power source. Its primary function is to travel heavy objects to the required height. It is generally used in warehouses, workshops and other places that require logistics and transportation. The use of cooperative pallets can greatly increase the power of traveling and storage, and has been recognized by many customers. The following introduces how to prevent or deal with some small defects in the process of lithium pallet truck operation. 1. The circuit defects of the electric stacker, the main structure includes: batteries, motors, hydraulic pumps, cylinders, piston rods, forks, chains, controllers and other equipment. If there is a problem with the circuit, normal operation cannot be performed. Therefore, circuit maintenance is also necessary. The first issues that should be paid attention to are: Cannot use the stacker under voltage; cannot use the stacker while charging; no need for a period of time, yes It is necessary to charge the stacker truck frequently, and insist on the battery power is satisfactory and rainproof; it is better to add a voltage stabilizing device if the power is not stable in the application place; overloading is not allowed. 2. Oil leakage defect of electric lithium pallet truck. The main reason for this defect is that the joint between the oil pipe and the oil cylinder or pumping station is not tightly sealed. If the customer has such a defect during use, a wrench can be used. Twist the nut of the joint to the tight place a few more turns. Assuming that the nut has been tightened and the oil is still leaking, the nut must be disassembled. (When disassembling the nut, it is necessary to lower the fork to the lowest level. , So that all the hydraulic oil in the oil circuit can be returned to the side of the pump station cylinder to prevent a lot of leakage.) Replace the gasket or explosion-proof valve with the correct type or new one, and tighten it from the beginning. Generally, this kind of phenomenon can be dealt with. 3. The left and right balance wheels of the electric stacker are not level. In daily operations, due to the violation of the center of gravity in the load, the force is directly unbalanced. Assuming such a small defect occurs, you can open the back cover, unscrew the screws on the left and right balance wheels, and lower the balance wheel shaft column. Put some shims on top, or reduce the shims on the taller balance wheel appropriately to achieve left-right balance.
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