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How to solve the heating of electric forklift battery?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-02
The forklift battery may occasionally become hot during use. This is a bad phenomenon. If you find it, you must pay attention to it. Next time, if you find that the battery of an electric pallet truck is hot again, you can deal with it according to the following method! ①You should always feel the temperature of the forklift battery by hand. When the lead-acid battery of the forklift is charging or discharging, it is best not to keep its own temperature. Over 35 degrees Celsius. That is, if you can feel the temperature by touching the battery shell with your hand, it means it exceeds 35 degrees. ②The temperature of the forklift battery exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, and the oxide on the electrode plate is easy to fall off, shortening the life of the battery, or even destroying it. ③The main reasons for the high temperature of the lead-acid battery of the forklift battery are: a. The continuous high current discharge of the forklift battery causes the battery temperature to be high. Then shorten the high-current discharge time when in use, and pay more attention. b. The aging of the battery plate increases the internal resistance of the battery. The internal resistance generates a lot of heat during use, which causes the battery to become hot. In this case, there is a potential safety hazard, and the battery must be replaced in time. Electric forklifts, with the most professional attitude, beautiful appearance design, fine manufacturing process, leading product technology, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, we have won the trust and favor of customers at home and abroad. Welcome to call the hotline: 0551 -82855638
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