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How to solve the problem of oil leakage in the legs of the aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-01
The aerial work lithium pallet truck platform is a very important tool in aerial work. Its stability and firmness are important guarantees to ensure the safety of the lithium pallet truck platform. Therefore, the stability of the outriggers and brackets is an important aspect that we need to check. What everyone introduced is the cause and solution of the oil seepage problem in the legs of the aerial work platform!   The external leakage of the hydraulic circuit existing in the legs of the fixed aerial work platform, the leakage of the circuit components and the pipe joints is likely to cause external leakage. Through analysis, the leakage is the rod of fixed lifting channel leg cylinder piston oil.   Welding foot cylinder piston rod is YX type sealing ring. Under normal circumstances, the YX sealed round lip is not only less conflicting, but also good for 'testing'. However, the YX ring is suddenly pressed down for a while. Due to the internal pressure kneading effect, it does not make it self-sealing. The oil-adhered piston rod is still kneaded excessively, and the oil layer thickness constitutes an extended piston rod. The shortening of the piston rod can scrape off the local dust-proof ring. The piston rod at the end of the chain has a continuous oil step accumulation, which ultimately constitutes the oil dripping from the piston rod of the lifting channel leg. In addition, the wrong processing of the lip of the YX-shaped sealing ring will damage the elements, such as parts, which will aggravate the oil leakage scene.
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