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How to troubleshoot electric forklift brake failures?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-25
In the electric forklift that has been used for a period of time, the brake system often has problems such as brake failure and brake deviation, which affect the normal use of the electric forklift. As a professional manufacturer of green brand electric forklifts, it has unique solutions in the face of brake failure of electric forklifts. Troubleshooting and solutions for common problems of electric forklift brake system: 1. Brake failure. The performance is that the electric forklift cannot achieve deceleration or parking during braking. The solution is as follows: If you step on the brake pedal several times in succession, the pedal does not rise and you feel no resistance, you should first check whether the brake master cylinder is short of brake fluid. If it is short, the same type of brake fluid should be added and the pipeline air should be purged; if it is not short, check whether each brake pipeline is leaking or damaged, and correct or replace it as appropriate. Step on the brake pedal, if there is no sense of linkage, it may be that the connection between the pedal and the master cylinder is disconnected, and the connection organization should be checked and connected. If you step on the brake pedal, although you feel a certain resistance, the pedal position cannot be maintained, it sinks significantly, and the master cylinder leaks or sprays. The cause is mostly the brake master cylinder seal. The brake master cylinder should be differentiated and the master cylinder seal should be replaced. If the above checks are normal, it may be that the master cylinder seal is out of position. At this moment, the brake master cylinder should be differentiated and the master cylinder seal of the same type should be replaced. 2. Poor braking effect. There are three signs of this problem: one is trampling on the brake pedal several times, and the electric pallet truck cannot slow down and parking; the second is that the pedal height is normal when trampling, but the trampling is weak, and the vehicle cannot be parked immediately; When pedaling, the pedal feels high, hard and even rebound, but the braking effect is not good. The solution is as follows: If you step on the brake pedal several times in succession, the pedal will gradually rise, and you can feel the elasticity of the pedal without lifting your foot after rising. You can release the pedal and stop for a while and then step on it again. This means that there is air in the braking system and should be vented. The sequence of air discharge should start from the brake master cylinder and then to the brake cylinders. The air discharge sequence of each sub-cylinder should start with the sub-cylinder closest to the brake master cylinder and discharge one by one. Exhaust method: One person acts as the brake pedal, and the other person acts as the exhaust. First step on the brake pedal and do not relax, then loosen the vent screw. After the brake fluid mixed with air is sprayed out and the pressure is reduced, tighten the vent screw to relax the brake pedal. After the brake pedal is completely returned, depress the brake pedal fully and continue to deflate. Repeat this several times to completely exhaust the air. If the position of the pedal is very low when the pedal is stepped on, the position still cannot be raised after a few more steps on the pedal. Usually, the vent hole of the brake master cylinder or the brake fluid compensation hole is blocked, which should be checked and dredged. If the pedal height meets the requirements, it is not fragile and sinks when stepped on, but the braking effect is poor, it is a fault with the wheel brake, and the wheel brake should be inspected and repaired. If the brake pedal is high, hard or rebounds when using the foot brake, it may be that the vacuum booster is faulty. You should first check whether the vacuum tubes are intact and whether the joints are firmly connected, and then check the vacuum booster. When checking, you can first step on the brake pedal, then start the engine, and work at idle speed for a few seconds. If you feel the brake pedal lowers by a small amount, it indicates that the vacuum booster is outstanding; if the brake pedal does not lower by itself, it indicates that the vacuum booster The vacuum booster should be replaced due to poor operation of the device. 3. Braking deviation. The problem is that the two wheels cannot work together or the braking force is different during braking, which makes the electric pallet truck deflect to one side when braking. The solution is as follows: During the road test, if the electric forklift travels to the right when braking, it indicates that the left wheel is braking slowly or lacks braking force; otherwise, it indicates that the right wheel is braking slowly or lacks braking force. If it is determined that a wheel is slow to brake or lack of braking force, check whether the brake pipeline of the wheel is collided or leaked. If so, the reason should be found and removed. If the wheel pipeline is intact, the wheel pump can be exhausted. If the phenomenon of braking deviation is eliminated after exhaust, it indicates that there is air resistance in the wheel cylinder or pipeline. If there is no air resistance, you should check and adjust the gap between the wheel friction plate and the brake hub. If there is no doubt about the above inspection, it is stated that the fault is inside the wheel brake, the wheel brake should be disassembled, and the wear of the brake pads and the operation of the brake cylinder should be checked, and repaired or replaced if necessary.
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