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How to use the all-electric pallet truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-03-28

How to use the all-electric pallet truck

Electric walking and lifting, all-electric pallet truck driving wheels, load wheels and balance wheels are all made of rubber/polyurethane wheels through special process, which is durable.

Ultra-small body design, small size, easy to use, can be applied to various narrow passages and intersections; fast running speed, strong carrying capacity, greatly improved efficiency; large-capacity traction battery.

1. The use of multi-function handles: All users of the all-electric pallet truck can start the vehicle through the electronic lock. Controlling the driving speed is easy. To accelerate, simply turn the accelerator switch on the handle. The bigger the spin, the faster the speed.

2. Delayed acceleration working ability: If the user accelerates and rotates to the maximum speed, the special working ability of the machine will be automatically turned on, and it will run from low speed to high speed within 3-9 seconds, so as to prevent excessive acceleration from causing harm to people.

3. Power-off braking ability: when the handle is upright, it brakes; when the operating handle is walking, press the handle to work; when it is pressed to the bottom, it is also braked; when going up and down slopes, the goods immediately become heavier, use Or you can brake on the slope to prevent the car from sliding down freely and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

4. Five fulcrum structure features: The unique structure can bring higher stability to the vehicle, especially on smooth ground or slopes, and can play its unique role.

5. Drive wheel damping system: The pressure of the drive wheel changes with heavy and light loads. The vibration reduction system of the electric stacker will automatically operate according to the heavy load and light load, especially in the case of uneven ground. The stability of the vehicle can be adjusted by itself.

6. Battery, battery indicator professional version: It is convenient to grasp the battery storage capacity, and it will automatically alarm when the battery is low.

Electric pallet truck novice operating instructions

1. When using a new car for 3-7 days, it is necessary to check whether the front speed of the front wheel is correct. If it is wrong, it must be adjusted in time, otherwise it will cause the tire to be uneven, worn and scrapped.

2. The driver must know how to do the routine maintenance work before leaving the car and after picking up the car, in addition to checking whether the battery electrolyte (water) needs to be added. Check whether the pile on the battery is loose, if it is loose, please tighten it in time (looseness will cause the connection pile to burn). Check whether the connecting wire (pile) on the battery is corroded, and if found, remove it in time (just rinse with boiling water).

3. The vehicle is rated at 3 tons, and the load must not exceed the rated load when carrying goods.

4. Before starting the vehicle, the driver must pay attention to whether the handbrake (handbrake) is put down (starting is prohibited if the handbrake is not put down). Otherwise, the current will increase when driving, causing the motor to overheat and cause the motor to be severely burned and scrapped.

5. The driver turns on the key in the vehicle, puts down the main power switch, turns on the forward and reverse switches, steps on the accelerator pedal, and finds that the vehicle does not start, then turns off the forward and reverse switches. After the key is turned on, it can be started . If you find a similar situation, you must not slam on the accelerator pedal to prevent accidents.

6. Before leaving the vehicle, the driver must pull up the hand brake (hand brake), pull up (cut off the power supply) the main power switch, turn off the key and take it out before leaving the vehicle;

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