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How to use various switches of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-19
The main power switch is to control the connection between the battery and the electrical equipment of the whole vehicle. After the main power switch is turned on, the electrical equipment of each part can be manipulated. The ignition switch is used to turn on or cut off the ignition circuit of the gasoline engine and the circuits of the instrument panel, etc., and is often connected with the electromagnetic switch circuit of the starter, so it is also called the ignition starter switch. It has two types: three-terminal and four-terminal. Four-terminal type is commonly used on electric forklifts.  The preheating start switch supports the preheating switch and the starter switch as a whole. It is used in the circuit of the diesel engine forklift engine. The back of the switch has a power supply and three connection posts. Turn the handle of the preheating start switch to connect or cut off different circuits.  The main light switch is used to turn on or off the front and rear lights of the electric pallet truck. Most of it is a toggle switch, which can be divided into single gear, double gear, and three gears. The switch models used by different models of forklifts are not exactly the same. The turn signal switch is used to turn on or off the left or right turn signal and turn indicator of the electric forklift. At present, forklifts generally adopt plate-handle or toggle switches. The handle type steering switch is installed on the steering shaft under the steering wheel.  The electric forklift horn button is used to connect the horn circuit to make the horn sound, and it is mostly installed in the center or both sides of the steering wheel. Today the electric forklift introduces the use of so many switches, have you learned it?
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