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Precautions before operation of electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-17
What are the precautions before the operation of the electric lithium pallet truck platform, let's take a look!  First of all, the operating unit should organize a dedicated person to operate the lifting platform and draw up the lifting channel application details and safety precautions based on the status of the unit, and hang it in a prominent position. When working on an electric lifting platform, it is necessary to equip professional drivers and operators, pass special training, pass the examination, and hold a certificate to work: According to the actual situation of the operation, the above-mentioned personnel can perform each other concurrently, but the concurrent personnel must have the concurrent work With the approval of the competent leader, they will undertake corresponding duties together. After the construction is completed, the lithium pallet truck platform needs to be moved on the site, and the lifting channel vehicle should be operated by a professional driver.   Second, the driver must carefully check the electrical system, hydraulic system and mechanical system of the platform before daily operations, check the operating range of the lifting platform truck, and remove obstacles that prevent the lifting platform truck from reversing and walking. And empty the platform up and down several times to check for faults and abnormal phenomena, and pay attention to whether there is a significant abnormal distance in the accuracy of the platform landing station.   Third, the driver locks and locks the movable doors at both ends of the protective fence before starting the operation, and then starts the bell to stop working with the movable doors of the protective fence open. In case of special conditions during channel movement, emergency stop switch can be used to stop the platform, but in normal operation, stop using emergency stop switch to stop the platform.  Fourth, the driver should supervise the goods transported by the platform to spread as evenly as possible on the table to avoid partial load and prevent overloading. The channel does not allow the transportation of flammable and explosive dangerous goods and prevents people from climbing and artificial shaking when they are raised.   Fifth, the driver shall prevent the driver from leaving his post and wipe, smooth or repair the platform during the operation of the platform. When the operation is over, the driver should block the power supply, lock the control panel before leaving the post, and fill in the shift record. Sixth, when there is a problem with the platform or abnormal operation, the maintenance personnel should be told to repair it immediately. If it is found to be dangerous or may cause physical and mechanical problems, the operation should be stopped immediately, the main power supply of the computer room should be blocked, and the management department should be reported. It can be used only after checking the details.   Seventh, when the platform is working, first have to screw outriggers, do not use it on a soft ground plane, and do not use it on a steep slope.   Eighth, the operator should inject butter regularly every week, and check the wiring regularly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.   Ninth, do not use it in harsh weather, such as rain, snow, thunder, electricity, wind ≤ 5 levels.   Finally, if this rule conflicts with the national or professional rules, it shall be implemented in accordance with the national or professional rules.
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