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Precautions for initial charging of electric pallets

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-21
Electric pallet trucks are currently commonly used goods turnover tools for enterprises. New vehicles have strict specifications for initial charging and discharging. The charging and discharging of electric pallet trucks can be implemented according to the following requirements. (1) The unused battery should be charged for the first time before use. The surface of the battery should be wiped clean before initial charging, and checked for damage to ensure reliable connection. (2) Open the air cover. (3) Fill the battery with a sulfuric acid electrolyte with a density of 1.260±0.005 (25°C) and a temperature of less than 30°C under the condition that the charging equipment can work normally, and the liquid level is 15-25 (mm) higher than the protective plate. In order to reduce the temperature rise of the electrolyte due to the chemical reaction, so that the electrolyte can fully penetrate into the electrode plates and the pores of the separator, the battery needs to stand for 3 to 4 hours, not more than 8 hours. The initial charge can be performed only when the liquid temperature drops below 35°C. (It can be cooled in a cold water tank if necessary) After standing still, the liquid level should drop to make up for the electrolyte. (4) The sulphuric acid electrolyte is made up of battery sulphuric acid and distilled water that meet the national standard GB4554-84. Never substitute industrial sulphuric acid or tap water. The density of electrolyte standard temperature (25℃) is converted by the following formula. D25 u003d Dt + 0.0007 (t-25) where: D25: electrolyte density at 25°C. Dt: The measured density of the electrolyte at t°C. t: The temperature of the electrolyte when the density is measured. (5) Wipe dry the electrolyte splashed on the surface of the battery, connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery pack to the positive and negative ends of the DC power supply (charger), and turn on the power; first charge with 30A (current of stage ①) , When the voltage reaches 28.8V (12×2.4Vu003d28.8V), it will switch to 15A current in stage ② to continue charging. During the charging process, the electrolyte temperature should not exceed 45°C. When it is close to 45°C, the charging current should be halved or the charging should be suspended; continue charging after the liquid temperature drops below 35°C. However, the charging time needs to be extended appropriately. (6) Basis for sufficient charge: charge at stage ② until the voltage reaches 31.2V (12×2.6Vu003d31.2V), the voltage change is not more than 0.005 (V); the electrolyte density reaches 1.280±0.005 (25℃), 2 When there is no obvious change within hours and there are violent occurrence of fine bubbles, the battery is considered to be fully charged. The charging power is 4 to 5 times the rated capacity, and the charging time is about 70 hours. (7) In order to accurately control the sulfuric acid content in the electrolyte, the electrolyte density of each battery should be checked at the end of charging; if there is any discrepancy, use distilled water or sulfuric acid with a density of 1.40 to adjust, and the Adjust the electrolyte density and liquid level to the specified value. (8) After the initial charge, wipe the surface of the battery clean, and close the clamshell cover of the clamshell liquid hole plug before putting it into use. Note: There is hydrogen gas in the battery box during charging. The charging environment must have good ventilation and no open flame, otherwise it will cause an explosion or fire.
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