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Precautions for long-term parking of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-23
Safe parking  (a) Park the car on level ground, preferably in a wide area. If you have to park on a slope, you must pull the parking brake equipment and block the wheels with wedges to prevent accidental slipping. It is forbidden to park forklifts on large slopes.  (B) The vehicle is parked in a designated area or a place that does not interfere with traffic. If necessary, place symbols or signal lights around the vehicle.  (C) The vehicle should be parked on firm ground to prevent it from stopping on soft, muddy or relatively slippery roads.  (D) If the lifting system is damaged and the fork cannot fall to the ground, hang a warning flag on the end of the fork and park the truck where it does not hinder traffic.  2. storage   Before storage   Before the lithium pallet truck is stored, clean it completely, and check according to the following procedures:   (a) As required, use cloth and water to remove the oil and grease attached to the vehicle body.  (B) When cleaning the car body, check the entire condition of the car, especially whether the car body is dented or damaged, whether the tire is punctured, and whether there are nails or stones embedded in the markings.  (C) Fill the fuel tank with the specified fuel.  (D) Check for oil leakage.  (E) Add grease as required.  (F) Check whether the joint surface of the hub nut and the piston rod of the cylinder is loose, and whether there are bruises and pull marks on the surface of the piston rod.  (G) Check if the mast rollers are rolling smoothly.  (H) Raise the lifting cylinder to the top to allow the oil to fill the cylinder.  (I) In winter or cold season, long-lasting antifreeze does not need to be drained, if the cooling water needs to be drained. Usually storage   (a) Park the forklift at the designated place and use the wedges to pad the wheels.  (B) Put the shift lever in the neutral position and pull up the parking brake lever.  (C) When the key switch is in the “OFF” position, turn off the initiator, and operate the multi-way valve lever several times to release the remaining pressure in the cylinder or pipeline.  (D) Remove the key and store it in a safe place.  Long-term storage  The following maintenance and inspection are performed on the basis of the 'normal storage' maintenance:   (a) Considering the dry season, park the vehicle on a higher and hard ground.  (B) Apply anti-rust oil to exposed parts such as cylinder piston rod and shaft that may rust.  (C) Cover parts that are prone to moisture. (d) The vehicle starts at least once a week. If the cooling water is discharged, add cooling water to remove the grease on the piston rod and shaft, start the engine and fully warm up, let the vehicle run back and forth at a slow speed, and operate the hydraulic control number Times.  (E) In summer, prevent the forklift from being parked on soft roads such as asphalt.  The operation of the forklift after long-term storage.  (a) Remove the anti-rust oil from the exposed parts.  (B) Drain the engine oil from the crankcase, drain the gear oil or hydraulic transmission oil in the differential, hydraulic transmission, clean the interior and add new oil.  (C) Eliminate foreign matter and water in hydraulic oil tanks and fuel tanks.  (D) Remove the engine cylinder head, valve, rocker shaft, and check whether the clearance of each valve is normal.  (E) Increase the coolant to the regular liquid level.  (F) Check carefully before starting.  (G) Preheat the forklift.   Warning:    As long as it is found that the forklift needs to be repaired, failed or has unsafe elements, the situation should be stated to the management personnel and stop using the forklift until it recovers to a safe condition.
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