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Precautions for the lifting platform to be left unused for a long time

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-16
The lifting platform is easy to operate and easy to use. Many companies have already purchased the lifting platform. During use, it improves work efficiency and saves time and effort. However, sometimes it needs to be shelved for a long time, such as vacation or temporarily not in use, then the lifting platform is long What are the precautions when shelving it? Jinan Wenshao Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain to you. ①Long-term shelving of the lifting platform will cause oxidation between the pins and cause aging. The lubrication of the machinery should be well maintained. The lubricating oil in the motor of machinery and equipment comes into contact with the polite, oxidation and deterioration will cause insufficient lubrication, and then damage the equipment. Regular maintenance and lubrication should be added monthly. During the use time, first check whether the circuit is normal, whether it is aging, check the hydraulic oil pipe and the hydraulic cylinder, and observe whether there is any oil leakage. ②Long-term shelving of the lifting platform will cause deformation of the tires. After being stored for a long time in the warehouse, its own weight is completely borne by the four wheels. The rubber tires will be deformed and difficult to restore elasticity due to excessive pressure. Therefore, when parked for a long time, the four supporting legs of the lifting platform should be opened to avoid tire deformation. ③Long-term shelving of the lifting platform will cause the hydraulic oil to deteriorate. If the temperature is below zero, open the oil tank and always observe whether the hydraulic oil has deteriorated, evaporates, or precipitates. Hydraulic oil is one of the main power sources for the lifting of the lifting platform and cannot be ignored; Pay attention when the platform is left for a long time, and replace the hydraulic oil in time when the temperature drops below zero. Every time when refueling and changing oil, it must be filtered with an oil filter screen of 80 mesh or more, and the oil tank must be cleaned when changing. Jinan Wenshao Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds everyone that the frequency of hydraulic oil replacement is once every six months, and it can be shortened if it is used particularly frequently. The oil temperature when the lithium pallet truck platform is working is generally between 10 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. ④The lithium pallet truck platform will be poorly lubricated after being left for a long time. The lifting platform should be lifted and used normally twice a month, and daily lubrication and maintenance work should be done. If the electric lifting platform needs to be started regularly, open the bleed nut during use, turn on the switch on the oil collecting block, plug in the power supply, and put the quick connector on the lithium pallet truck platform interface, and the output hydraulic oil will increase by itself as the load increases. Perform various tasks until 63MPA. After the work is over, turn on the switch to unload. After the hydraulic oil returns, remove the quick connector sleeve, screw the bleed nut, pull out the power supply, and turn off the switch. Recommended reading: Be cautious when buying second-hand lifting platforms
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