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Problems often encountered in fixed scissor high-altitude lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-05
Scissor aerial electric pallet lift truck platform is a wide range of aerial work equipment, with high stability and high work efficiency. In the usual operations, if there is no good care or irregular operations, there will be common problems. The following is a brief analysis of what problems often encountered in the scissor aerial lithium pallet truck platform:    1. The oil cylinder is worn out and the inner closed ring is damaged unevenly. Perhaps there is an obstruction inside, which simply constitutes uneven force, and the height of the constituted cylinder is uneven. It is recommended to check whether the cylinder is normal.   2. There is foreign matter inside the oil delivery pipe, which causes uneven force of the hydraulic oil to be transported, and uneven table surface. It is recommended to carefully check whether the delivery oil pipe is clear.  3. The inconsistency in the production standards of the struts is attributed to the quality defects of the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform equipment itself. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for replacement. The probability of this situation is low. 4. The inconsistency of the center shaft of the support rod caused the lifting path to be unable to operate normally. The path was severely damaged and the table was tilted. Please carefully check the general scissor aerial work path before leaving the factory without a severe tilt test before it was put into the store. A lot of incidents have occurred. Regarding tilt detection, large and small companies do not care about the detection of this link. This is why there is such a problem with such a large number of lifting equipment. The problems of the oil cylinder and the power unit system are often the lack of power and the unqualified quality of the oil cylinder. It is also a problem that the company itself needs to pay attention to.
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