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Take you to understand the four key points of manual hydraulic truck forks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-02

The fork of the manual hydraulic truck is the main load-bearing device of the truck, and its carrying capacity is related to the service life and work efficiency of the vehicle. Familiar with the fork size and operation of the truck used will help improve the handling work. staff efficiency. We can understand the specifications and models of the fork from the following angles.

1. The width of the fork

The width of the fork is not as wide as possible. If a small heavy object is placed on a wider fork, the heavy object will leak from the middle of the fork to the ground, and the handling work cannot be successfully completed. Therefore, it must be carried out according to the warehouse. The width of the fork can be selected according to the size of the heavy object, and a pallet of suitable size can also be placed on the fork to avoid the heavy object falling.

2. Lifting height of the fork

According to the national standard, the forks of the truck can be placed at a minimum distance of 75-85mm from the ground, but for customers with special needs, the height of the forks can also be lowered to 35mm, but this kind of low-placement vehicles are more expensive. The load capacity can only reach 1.5 tons at most, so if it is not necessary for the work, there is no need to buy it.

3. The thickness of the fork

It is well known that the thicker the forks have a stronger carrying capacity, so the forks that carry the large tonnage trucks are thicker, but at present, the trucks carrying 3T on the market all use forks with a thickness of about 4-5mm. However, some unscrupulous traders reduced the thickness of the fork to 3mm, which is actually very irresponsible, so our customer service had better ask the thickness of the fork when purchasing.

4. Welding process of fork

The connection between the fork and the load-bearing steel of the truck should not be broken or welded, and the deformation of the beam of the fork should not be greater than 2mm. If there is serious welding or deformation, it is necessary to replace the same type of fork in time.

The fork is an important part in the manual pallet truck and an auxiliary tool to help humans transport heavy objects. If the fork fails, it will not only cause damage to the goods, but also easily cause personal injury. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase or use the fork. Pay more attention to the forks.

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