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Talking about electric forklifts: What are the three “no use” principles in the forklift industry?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-07
As the saying goes: There is no rule without a circle, and there is a rule that determines success or failure! In the forklift industry, these three 'no use' principles still exist, do you know? Now the electric pallet truck manufacturer tells you: The principle of not using one. Resolutely do not use employees who have not been trained in the system and do not have the 'special equipment operator license' to drive the forklift. Because the forklift driver who has received relevant skills training and passed the examination of the Quality Supervision Bureau is familiar with the basic operating procedures of the forklift and the maintenance knowledge of the forklift equipment. Safe production is the top priority for forklift users, and there is no need to be sloppy. At the same time, the system training knowledge of the licensed driver can effectively improve the operation efficiency of the forklift, reduce energy consumption, and reasonable maintenance can improve the service life of the forklift. Principle 2 of non-use Resolutely do not use second-hand refurbished forklifts. Second-hand forklifts have certain defects in related structural systems. Every second-hand forklift must have undergone a system of maintenance and treatment. The hydraulic system and running system of the forklift require a high degree of matching of components. Relatively, there is no national mandatory scrap standard for forklifts, so some second-hand refurbished forklifts With a relatively active market, it is difficult for ordinary users to distinguish the inherent quality of second-hand forklifts. As a result, when repurchasing second-hand refurbished forklifts in use, they emit serious pollution. What's more, they are busy with maintenance for three days, and the gain is not worth the loss. Principle 3 of non-use: Resolutely do not use unlicensed or unnamed accessory parts. It is inevitable that there will be mechanical or system failures in the use of forklifts or electric forklifts. When you need to buy accessories, please be sure to buy original parts. Some bad dealers in the market always use cheap prices to induce forklift owners to replace the so-called 'secondary parts'. First, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and second, the replacement of unnamed accessories will make The relevant working system of the forklift cannot guarantee high matching, which seriously affects the normal service life of the forklift. The regular factory has archived the serial numbers of the spare parts of each batch of forklifts to ensure the matching of the spare parts of the original forklifts. Have you mastered the three 'no use' principles in the forklift industry?
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