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Talking about the specific application of electric stacker in warehouse cargo handling

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-15

With the continuous commission of the level of science and technology, more and more machine products have replaced the jobs of ancient laborers. For example, robots have replaced industrial production in factories, and computers have replaced ancient calculations, designs, and so on. In the process of stack transfer, electric stackers have already appeared as the primary employment technology machine product. In logistics centers, ship ports, markets and other large-scale goods concentration areas, it can be seen everywhere that such machine products are used in goods handling and employment. Its employment effect has been increased several times by manual handling, and the cost of shelter loss is only ten percent of labor remuneration. one.

The construction structure of a machine product such as a stacker is correspondingly simple. It is designed by using the vehicle design structure and the machine to marry each other. It has excellent control functions. In view of the small structure, it may achieve excellent moving functions. Contrast narrow goods stack operation. It combines the principles of human dynamics control, the principle of mechanical engineering levers and other related uses, but only implements the design, and has reached the needs of consumers in terms of employment comfort and employment functions.

When the employees need to unload the goods, they only need to manipulate the loading parts of the stacker to make the front insert support the goods. When the current plug-in component is inserted into the base of the goods, use the electronic control setting to raise or lower the front plug, and then move the machine into a suitable position for loading and unloading. This process does not require employees to implement methods, only needs to control the position, control the position and remote sensing, and implement it. Manipulation may as well end all employment procedures.

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