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Tell you how to avoid the occurrence of vulcanization of electric forklift batteries?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-22
The battery is the 'heart' of the electric forklift. Taking good care of the battery of the electric forklift will help improve production efficiency and save production costs! So do you know how to avoid vulcanization of electric forklift batteries? Tell you: 1. Choose a suitable battery capacity for the electric pallet truck, ensure that the electric forklift can meet the working hours required by the user, and avoid frequent incomplete charging of the battery; 2. Try to avoid over-discharge of the battery, and perform rapid supplementary charging after the battery is discharged ; 3. The battery charging time and process must be complete. The current advanced high-frequency chargers can set a matching charging curve for the battery, and the user only needs to follow the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the battery charging time. 4. Check the electrolyte level of the battery frequently and keep the level higher than the electrode plate. Learn the above tips well, protect the battery of electric forklift, and say goodbye to the phenomenon of battery vulcanization!
Is it necessary to buy a spare battery for the purchased electric forklift?
The electric forklift manufacturer will show you: What kind of work intensity needs electric forklift spare battery? Generally speaking, electric forklifts equipped with forklifts have a domestic high-performance battery with a battery life of up to 6 working hours, while forklifts are equipped with imported batteries and have a battery life of up to 9 hours. Under normal circumstances, customers let the electric forklift work during the day and charge it at night, and the electric forklift can continue to work the next day. If the customer's daily use time is long, and the continuous output capacity of a set of batteries cannot meet the customer's daily use needs, the customer needs to use spare batteries. When one set of batteries runs out, you can quickly replace it with another set of batteries to ensure that the forklift can continue to work. That is, customers who use forklifts to work continuously for more than 6 hours, and forklifts to carry heavy goods, may consider using electric forklift backup batteries.
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