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The advantages of using electrostatic spraying process for manual pallet trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-09

The manual pallet truck needs to be in constant contact with the goods during use. After a lot of friction, the paint on the surface of the pallet truck will fall off to varying degrees, which will affect the appearance and performance of the pallet truck. Therefore, in order to prolong the paint on the surface of the pallet truck as much as possible During the production process, the manufacturer will use the electrostatic spraying process to paint the surface of the truck.

1. What is the electrostatic spraying process?

This process is to charge the plastic powder through high-voltage electrostatic equipment, and through the action of electricity, it is evenly adsorbed on the surface of the truck, and the subsequent high-temperature baking process will make these plastic particles form a tighter protective layer. on the surface of the car.

The process flow of electrostatic spraying is pretreatment (degreasing, rust removal, carbonization); electrostatic spraying; high temperature curing (refer to the required temperature of plastic powder, generally 160210 degrees); cooling after cooling.

Second, the advantages of using electrostatic spraying process for trucks are mainly reflected in:

1. The production process of electrospraying conforms to the requirements of modern environmental protection. It does not cause obvious harm to the environment or the human body, and there will be no common flow phenomenon in the spraying process during the spraying process;

2. The treatment process can remove the oil, dust and rust on the surface, and form a strong and corrosion-resistant coating on the surface of the truck;

3. The fixed time is short, the wear resistance is high, the construction is simple, and the cost is low. The surface of the product is designed with electrostatic spraying, and the appearance is exquisite and beautiful.

3. How to protect the electrostatic spraying process of the truck?

Although we cannot reduce the number of friction between the truck and the goods, we can avoid paint peeling or corrosion on the surface of the vehicle through effective maintenance measures. First, because the moisture in the air has a corrosive effect on iron materials, try to avoid it. Carry out handling operations in a rainy and foggy environment; secondly, when the surface of the truck is peeled off, you can buy paint of the same color and apply it to the peeled paint.

The surface of the manual trucks manufactured and produced are all made of electrostatic spraying technology, which is very in line with the public's aesthetics. The color is stain-resistant and easy to handle. Users can use it with confidence.

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