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The best working temperature of hydraulic oil for electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-05
Recently, a customer inquired about “why is the temperature of the hydraulic oil of an electric lithium pallet truck called “too high”, the editor will give us a look here: The best operating degree of the hydraulic oil for an electric lithium pallet truck is often controlled at 30~ Between 55°C. At this time, the viscosity, lubricity and wear resistance of the oil are in the best condition, and the transmission power of the system is the highest. When the temperature exceeds 65°C, the viscosity of the oil will decrease significantly, leakage will be added, and the oil film of each sliding part will be damaged, which will aggravate the wear of hydraulic components and accelerate the rate of oil temperature rise. When the temperature reaches 80°C or higher, because of the different thermal expansion coefficients of hydraulic components, the gap and operating conditions between the relative moving components will change abnormally. When the gap becomes larger, the oil leakage is intensified; when the gap becomes smaller, a 'stuck' phenomenon may occur between the components, making it impossible to move, and also causing thermal deformation of the machine and damaging the original accuracy. Excessive temperature of the hydraulic oil of the electric stacker will seriously affect its normal operation, reduce the service life of hydraulic components, and increase repair costs.
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