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The counterweight must not be ignored when using an electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-09
Be sure to pay attention to the counterweight of the forklift. It is dangerous to use it indiscriminately.

For counterbalanced forklifts, whether it is an electric counterbalanced forklift or an internal combustion counterbalanced forklift, the counterweight is an indispensable and important part. The counterweight of the so-called counterbalanced forklift is the fulcrum of the previous wheel contact point. In order to ensure that the fork can lift the corresponding load, it can also maintain sufficient adhesion between the rear wheel of the forklift and the ground to ensure that the forklift can turn normally. The counterweight provided on the rear of the forklift is called the counterweight of the forklift. The reference index of the traction characteristics, stability performance and power characteristics of the counterbalanced forklift will be restricted by the volume of the counterweight installed at the tail. In order to meet the lifting amount of a balanced forklift with a stable rated lifting amount, it is necessary to have a suitable counterweight. The electric pallet truck manufacturer will now give you a detailed introduction:

When the counterweight is a counterweight forklift, when carrying items, the rear wheel is guaranteed not to leave the ground or to ensure that it does not tip forward, and then it needs to be at the rear of the vehicle. A module that guarantees balance is installed at the end. At this time, the traction characteristics, stability performance and power characteristics of the electric forklift will be restricted by this module. A balanced forklift with a certain amount of lifting weight requires a corresponding counterweight for the purpose of being close to the rated lifting amount. If the counterweight is too high, the load rate of the rear axle of the forklift in the no-load condition will be too high, but the front axle load rate is relatively small, which seems unscientific and has certain advantages: the forklift fully loaded operation meets the requirements of the rear axle. Under the condition of the bridge load, it has relatively stable operation characteristics; the defect is: the load rate of the rear axle is higher when it is empty, and the diameter of the tire is enlarged. The weight is too high, so the cost-effectiveness ratio of the forklift will not be cost-effective. When the electric pallet truck is fully loaded, it will show a smaller counterweight, a larger front axle load rate, and a smaller rear axle load rate. However, the advantage is that it has a strong front wheel adhesion force. Good traction characteristics, agile steering, the tire pressure and the corresponding diameter are not too large when turning; the defect is: poor stability when fully loaded, and some accidents may occur when the direction is adjusted. Reducing the operating volume of the truck also reduces the cost of the entire truck, so that the price of forklifts on the market will also come down. Therefore, Weimai Heavy Industry has always attached great importance to the scientific exploration of the balance weight of forklifts. In different types of products, in order to exert the effectiveness of forklift counterweights in the corresponding operating environment, such accessories play an important role in improving balance and weight. In addition to the use of such iron parts in relatively large-scale equipment for mechanical parts, counterweight iron can also be found in other industries, such as forklifts, excavation tools, elevators, load-bearing equipment and other fields. Usually, for vehicles carrying heavier items, the counterweight should be placed in the front of the vehicle to control the balance. In addition to ensuring the balance of the object, the use of counterweight iron is also for the purpose of improving its own weight and touch. Because cast iron is usually the basic material of the counterweight, it is difficult to control the density of the casting material, resulting in a certain difference between the design and the actual weight. Therefore, when choosing a forklift, enterprises should also pay attention to the handling tonnage of the forklift. Overload when carrying goods, otherwise it is still very dangerous.

At present, this is not a mature solution. The change of the counterweight is not simply a simple change of the weight. It has strict requirements on the overall safety performance of the forklift, so this counterweight solution is only still in the industry. In the middle of exploration.

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