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The development of domestic elevators is gradually becoming popular

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-30
As one of the key development projects in the heavy industry industry, machining has been in a period of exhaustion in recent years. Many small domestic manufacturers are in crisis of bankruptcy, and some large manufacturers have also layoffs and reduced labor, and they have still not recovered. Meteorology, in this special period, unlike other machinery and equipment, hydraulic lifting platforms are instead going to the market step by step, to enterprises, factories, and more and more applications, and more and more people are aware of this type of lithium pallet truck platform. Since the beginning of the year, the lifting platform equipment of the company's elevator manufacturers has been sold in various places, and the application occasions and work are different. It can be seen that the development of elevators in China has gradually become popular and is accepted and loved by more people. .
Qualified operators of freight elevators
The elevator freight elevator manufactured by the manufacturer is a kind of dangerous work, so it is very important to know and comply with the requirements before the lifting equipment is carried out. Introduction to the freight elevator manufacturer, what are the requirements for the operator of the freight elevator? Next, let’s introduce: The requirements for operators of elevator freight elevator manufacturers: 1. As long as they are involved in high-altitude operations, they must pass a medical examination by a doctor, so that they can carry out high-altitude operations. 2. Operators of ascending and erecting operations must undergo special training. After passing the examination, they can hold the 'Special Operation Safety Operation Certificate' issued by the labor safety supervision department before they can work. 3. Personnel working at heights must wear safety helmets and safety belts in accordance with regulations, and wear clothing that meets the requirements for high-altitude operations. Shoes with soft soles and slippery shoes with nails should not be worn.
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