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The difference and working principle of electric stacker and electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-07
The working principle of the electric stacker is relatively simple. We generally say that the electric stacker is an all-electric stacker. The working principle of the electric stacker is that the battery provides electric energy to the electric motor, and the motor converts the electric energy. The energy is converted into kinetic energy to drive a hydraulic pump (or called a hydraulic station). The hydraulic pump uses hydraulic principles to propel the piston rod and piston. The rod lifts the lifting frame, and the fork is set on the lifting frame to make the fork directly rise; the fork drop is simpler and relieves pressure. This is the principle of electric stacker car lifting; the electric walking process is better explained, the electric walking wheel is T Shaped. He drives the wheels, and the motor supplies electric energy to the driving wheels, which are the wheels. It can walk. Generally, a fully electric stacker has two motors, one is a lifting motor and the other is a drive motor. The more advanced domestic electric stacker has three motors, and the third motor is used to complete the electric stacker. The steering of the car is adjusted to make the steering turn. Jiaping is stable and safe. The difference between electric stacker and electric pallet truck is quite obvious. According to market calls, electric stackers usually refer to walking electric stackers or station-driven electric overhead trucks, while electric forklifts usually refer to controlled electric stackers. The obvious difference is that the electric pallet truck has a comfortable cab and the next one is on the power side. The power of electric forklifts is greater than that of electric stackers, followed by the overload of electric forklifts. Domestic electric stackers are usually less than 3 tons. The charger of the electric stacker has a built-in type and an external type, and its internal and external layout has a balance of planning and functions. The advantages of the charger are: the stacker is more compact, the body parts are lighter, the stack has better motor functions, and the running time becomes longer. The charger is usually used for the planning of the charging panel, and the charger can be plugged in. When the charger is charging, the panel is connected to the power supply; the built-in charger, the greatest strength is convenient for charging, no charger is needed, and it can be powered anywhere. The charging is over. The disadvantage is that it increases weight and is more about body planning. , Compact PLA. NIN, when the built-in charger is broken, it is more difficult to replace. The electric stacker is charged once, and it can be used for about 4 hours when it is fully loaded. It can be used for about 8 hours if it is not fully loaded. Of course, the quality and capacity of the battery are very related. We say that the space front equipment 24V210AH battery stacker. There may be two reasons for the high charging of electric reactors: First, the charger is damaged. This situation is over, because most customers will have this problem. The condition of chargers is increasing. Now charging is smart charging. ING, charging time, and after charging is completed, when the charger is unplugged, it helps to extend the life of the charger; second, the battery is not properly maintained, resulting in the battery being discarded. Although domestic batteries have appeared, they are not yet fully popularized. Therefore, domestic electric stackers and electric vehicles are basically used for lead-acid batteries. The settlement is more obvious, that is to say, in order to keep it well, distilled water is often added, and battery waste needs to find a lithium pallet truck supplier to provide matching battery replacement.
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