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The direction of the electric forklift is very heavy

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-09
1. causes of failure ① The steering knuckle arm is deformed. ②The steering knuckle thrust bearing is out of oil or damaged. ③The gap between the steering knuckle king pin and the bushing is too small or lack of oil. ④The front axle or frame deformation causes the front wheel alignment to be misaligned. ⑤ Insufficient tire pressure. ⑥ The steering gear bearing is assembled too tightly. ⑦The meshing gap of the transmission pair is too small. ⑧The horizontal and straight tie rod ball pins are assembled too tightly or the joints are short of oil. ⑨ The steering shaft or main pipe is bent, rubbed against each other or stuck. ⑩Improper lubrication of steering gear and improper toe adjustment. 2. Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting    ① Support the front axle and turn the steering wheel. If you feel the steering is flexible, the fault lies in the front axle and wheels. Because after supporting the front axle, the contact resistance between the wheels and the road when turning the steering wheel no longer exists. At this time, you should carefully check whether the front wheel air pressure is too low, whether the front leaf spring is in good condition, and whether the frame is deformed.  ②Support the front axle and turn the steering wheel. If you feel the steering is heavy, it means that the fault lies in the steering gear or steering transmission mechanism. At this time, the steering arm can be removed, and then the steering wheel can be turned. If it feels heavy, it means that it is a fault in the steering gear. Repair or replace damaged parts as needed.  ③After removing the steering arm, turn the steering wheel. If you feel light and flexible, it means that the steering gear is not malfunctioning. After the above method inspection, if the electric pallet truck tires, front leaf springs, frame, and steering gear are all correct, it can be basically confirmed.
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