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The electric forklift on the roadside of Lianyungang was stolen overnight.

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-28
At the beginning of the year, on the morning of February 18, a number of car owners discovered that the batteries of the electric forklifts parked in front of Impression Spain Community in Lianyun District and Emgrand Shuixie Huadu Community were stolen. After the relevant personnel called the police, the police rushed to the scene and discovered after investigation. , 11 electric forklifts were parked at the scene, of which the batteries of 7 were stolen, and the batteries of another truck were stolen. Currently, the case is under further investigation. 'Overnight, the batteries of many vehicles in our place were stolen.' At 8 o'clock in the morning on February 18, some citizens reported that Lianyun District impression of Spain and the multiple forklift batteries parked in front of Dihao Shuixie Huadu District overnight. Missing in between, the owner was very anxious when he found out. After receiving the report, the reporter rushed to the scene immediately. A dozen electric forklifts and trucks were parked in front of Impression Spain and Emgrand Shuixie Huadu District. Several boxes containing batteries were opened. The inside was empty. Many people surrounded the scene, and the owners were emotional. A resident, Mr. Wu, introduced that at 8 o'clock in the morning that day, a car owner came here to pick up his electric forklift and found that the vehicle could not be started. After a closer look, he found that the vehicle was dead. He found it strange. He got off the car and checked the battery. K. Subsequently, other car owners came to pick up the car one after another, and they all found that the battery of their car was missing. 'In addition to the electric pallet truck, the battery of another truck was also stolen, and the battery cap of the other car showed signs of being pried, but it was not pryed off.' The reporter saw at the scene that a truck was equipped with a battery. The box was welded on with stainless steel, and there are traces of prying on it. 'The owner of the car is considered foresight.' Mr. Wu said that after the incident, relevant personnel called the police, and the police rushed to the scene. According to statistics, there were 11 electric forklifts parked at the scene, of which 7 batteries were stolen, and the other 4 were due to the owner's future at the scene. The situation is unknown, and the battery of a truck was stolen at the same time. According to a car owner at the scene, they often work nearby and park their car in this place every day. There has never been an accident. I didn't expect to lose so many batteries overnight. 'It is estimated that the thief has stepped on it beforehand, familiarizes with the situation, and then chooses the opportunity to start together, it is terrible.' According to him, a set of electric pallet truck batteries costs 400 yuan. 'I hope to solve the case as soon as possible and catch the thief.' Currently, the case is under further investigation.
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