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The electric stacker also needs to be maintained, and the maintenance starts from the fork

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-04
The electric stacker is a kind of storage equipment that uses battery power as the power source. In daily use, in order to ensure the efficiency of the electric stacker in time, daily maintenance and inspection work is particularly important! The main structure of the electric stacker includes: batteries, motors, hydraulic pumps, cylinders, piston rods, forks, chains, controllers and other devices. It is generally used in warehouses, workshops and other places where logistics is required. The use of pallets can greatly improve the efficiency of storage. The lithium pallet truck tells you: electric stackers also need to be maintained, and forks are a good example!   The main maintenance work of the forks of the electric stacker is:    1. Check whether there are cracks and open welding at the upper and lower iron welds of the forks. If there are defects, they must be repaired in time.  2. The size of the upper and lower iron openings of the forks of the electric stacker is 27mm, and the use limit is 29mm. When this limit is exceeded, it should be repaired in time.  3. For the force-bearing part of the fork arm and the fork face, it needs to be inspected. When cracks appear, they should be dealt with in time.  4. Install the shelf and fork. The thickness and length of the selected fork should be approximately equal. 5. When the shelf and the fork are loaded on the carriage, the upper planes of the two forks should be kept in the same plane, and there should be no height or misalignment.    6. The level difference between the fork tips of the forks of the electric stacker More than 5mm, the length difference is more than 10mm, the wear in the length direction of the fork is less than the standard size of 40mm, the tip of the fork is ground into a twisted shape, the fork is bent or deformed, or the angle between the fork surface and the fork arm is greater than 90°. These phenomena should be replaced. Or repair.  7. There should be no cracks or open welding in the welding part, and the deformation of the beam should not be greater than 2mm. If the protective frame is deformed and welded, it should be reshaped and re-welded in time.
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