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The following is to share with you the maintenance and inspection methods of various parts of the electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-10

Electric forklifts refer to forklifts that use electricity to work, most of which work for batteries. According to the needs of use, electric forklifts can be divided into: four-way electric forklifts, electric pallet stackers, hand-push electric stackers, electric tractors, three-point electric forklifts, four-point counterbalanced forklifts, and reach electric forklifts , Three-point mini forklifts, electric forklifts for cold storage, electric explosion-proof forklifts, walking counterbalanced forklifts, electric oil drum stackers, three-point forklifts, station cranes, four-point forklifts, four-point wide Electric series material handling equipment such as leg stackers, fork basket picking trucks, four-point double-layer stackers, electric tractors, and picking trucks. The price of an electric pallet truck ranges from tens of thousands of domestically produced to hundreds of thousands of imported ones. In the maintenance and maintenance of the whole vehicle accessories, domestic or imported electric forklifts need to be carried out on a regular basis, the purpose is to ensure the various parts of the electric forklift. Reduce the loss of parts, extend the service life of each part, and make the forklift perform better.

An electric pallet truck is composed of tens of thousands of parts. The following will share with you the maintenance and inspection methods of each part of the electric pallet truck.

1. Check the damage of the charging plug

2. Check the damage of the charging cable

3. Check the working indicator of the charger

4. Check the current of the charger

5. Check the battery water volume

6. Check the battery liquid specific gravity

7. Check the damage of the battery plug


8. Check the horn/horn switch

9. Check the light/light switch

10. Check the instrumentation

11. The whole car blows Dust

12. Grease the whole car with grease nozzle

13. Spray chain oil on the chain

14. Check the wear of the front tires/rear tires

15. Check the tire screws and tightening

16. Check the rear axle king pin/claw/triple plate/ball head

17. Check the horizontal cylinder of the rear axle Oil leakage and action situation

18. Check the amount of brake oil

19. Check and adjust the foot brake/hand brake

20. Check the amount of gear oil

21. Check the accelerator pedal and adjustment

22. Check the steering wheel/steering rod

23. Check the steering gear/assistance cylinder

24. Check Lifting/tilting operating lever

25. Check the mast/mast bearing/bearing shelf

26. Check the oil leakage and movement of the lifting cylinder

27 , Check the oil leakage and movement of the tilt cylinder

28. Check the damage and oil leakage of each cylinder

29. Check the damage and oil leakage of each oil pipe

30. Check whether the multi-way valve is leaking

31. Check whether the hydraulic pump is leaking

32. Check the wear and deformation of the fork

33. Check the tightness and adjustment of the chain

34. Check the damage and wear of the mast inside and outside

35. Check the forklift gear

36. Check The degree of wear of the carbon brush of the motor and the copper head

37. Check the degree of wear of the contactor contacts of the electric forklift

38. Check the fuse

39. Check the hydraulic pressure Fuel volume

40. Check the looseness and tightening of the wiring terminals

41. Check the IP voltage (power to excellent electric vehicles)

42. Check Starting current/current limit

43. Check the noise of the walking motor when it is working

44. Check the hydraulic motor Noise at work

45. Check the noise when the steering motor rotates

When the forklift parts are not found, the imported forklift parts are always more expensive than others, and the forklift parts are always more expensive than others. Accessories....

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