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The functional characteristics of the scissor type high-altitude lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-25
The fixed scissor hydraulic cargo electric pallet lift truck is a special high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform used to build the middle layer to transport goods. The product is mainly used in workshops, warehouses and various job placement floors and the floor between the three-dimensional garage and the underground garage for cargo transportation. The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with anti-falling overload protection equipment. All floors and working surfaces of the high-altitude lifting platform can be equipped with operation buttons to complete multi-point control. The product has strong structure, great load-bearing ability, stable lifting, and convenient equipment repair. It is an economical and practical low-floor space to replace the ideal cargo transportation equipment of elevators. Hydraulic freight elevators overcome the lack of general gravity elevators, weighing up to tens of tons, close to 100 tons of goods. Maintenance is simple and convenient, and the equipment is more convenient than ordinary freight elevators. The structure is compact and stable, suitable for high-frequency continuous operation. The stability of the lifting height can satisfy the steady improvement of large-tonnage goods. Equipped with anti-adhesion and overload safety protection hydraulic system to ensure safe operation. The ascent and descent process is uniform and lubricated. The structure is compact, the appearance is simple, and the repair is convenient and sensitive. The extra load is obvious, which effectively improves the work efficiency. The Italian joint venture pumping station group is selected, which has low noise and long service life. A wide range of optional accessories can satisfy all customer needs. When an enterprise purchases an elevator, it must first consider the operation scale, frequency of use, utilization rate, additional lifting weight and other factors, and select the elevator operation level that is suitable for the operation requirements of the unit. Conduct market research based on the proposed technical parameters. For the selection of suppliers, the first point is the manufacturer's promise, and the second is the ability of after-sales service. As long as it is a high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform with good quality, good performance and complete safety equipment, it can be considered if the price is reasonable.
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