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The placement of heavy objects on manual hydraulic trucks is very particular

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-01

The manual pallet truck is an important means of transport to transport heavy objects in supermarkets, warehouses, factories, schools and other places. Although the transportation distance is relatively short, many operators will use various wrong operations between small and small distances. In this way, it will not only cause great damage to the truck and heavy objects, but also endanger the personal safety of individuals and other people in severe cases.

Below are some common mistakes

1. The operator in the picture above puts the goods on the rear end of the truck. In this case, the center of gravity is likely to move backward, and it is very easy for the heavy objects to fall off during transportation and driving. If the weight reaches the truck The full load weight, the damage to the rear wheel is also relatively large.

2. The cargo placed by the operator in the above picture is too long and has exceeded the front end of the fork by a very large distance. Although there is no problem of center of gravity offset, if it collides with other objects during transportation for too long, the heavy objects will fall off. In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended that the operator replace the product with a larger model specification.

3. The width of the goods placed by the operator in the above picture is more than 3 meters long, which is far more than the outer width of the fork of the truck. Similarly, it will also face obvious drops during transportation.

4. The heavy objects in the above picture have seriously deviated from the center of the fork, which belongs to the phenomenon of partial load of the goods. In this case, the goods themselves are difficult to maintain balance, so it is impossible to ensure that the balance will not fall during transportation.

The manual pallet truck is an artifact for transporting heavy objects. It is small in size and light in use. Therefore, the operator must place the heavy objects correctly to ensure safe transportation.

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