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The pollution-free low energy consumption of electric stacker is worthy of promotion and use

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-17

As a modern non-polluting, low-energy, and high-efficiency machine product, electric stacker trucks have been well received by a wide range of customers. Such products are definitely in terms of fuel-consuming mechanical forklifts, and have significant disadvantages, whether from Costs, protection, etc., are still from the perspective of the situation, and they have excellent market recognition. They are the product of machines that China actively promotes to replace traditional labor. It bears the burden of constraining China's expensive labor force, and at the same time it is a burden to replace traditional costs. The historical obligation of the product of the type machine. After the development of this year, it has achieved a high market share.

This type of electric stacker, whether in terms of appearance plan or external structure, They have considered the principles of ergonomic planning, aesthetics, and optimized structural planning, and have reached the level of research and development of high-end products in China. In terms of battery as a power supply, it adopts the world's advanced battery power management system , The power supply can be optimized when the machine is used, and the power consumption can be prevented as much as possible when the machine is stopped, and the result of timely optimization of the power supply system is truly achieved.

The inconvenience of this type of machinery and equipment to consumers , It has also provided the main force for China’s economic development. In the downturn of the machinery industry tomorrow, electric stackers can buck the trend and mobilize the development of all machinery industries and become the vanguard of promoting all industries in our country. Especially in the second and third tier cities Pervasive, it has initiated the classic role model for the pervasive strategy of China's machine industry.

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