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The relationship between electric forklift positioning and warehouse management

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-16
The modern warehousing and logistics industry is developing rapidly in the direction of informationization and automation. As the main production tool of the warehousing and logistics industry, electric forklifts often encounter problems such as errors in storage and retrieval, difficulties in inventory, and forklift collisions due to the lack of reliable positioning auxiliary operation systems. The electric pallet truck positioning and warehouse management system can provide accurate real-time positioning of forklifts for the warehousing and logistics industry, realize real-time asset inventory, forklift navigation and other functions, realize intelligent and accurate warehouse management, and improve production efficiency. Application scheme:    install several Symeo LPR_2D signal transmitters in the warehouse environment, and install the Symeo LPR_2D positioning terminal device on the forklift to realize 2D positioning. Installing a base station and two antennas on the forklift can determine the 2D position and heading angle of the forklift. The signal transmission equipment can be cascaded infinitely to expand the coverage area, and the positioning terminal device can be installed with different characteristic receiving antennas according to the environment to improve positioning accuracy and stability. Combined with Dunn Technology's RFID cargo identification system and warehouse management system, it provides the best solution for realizing warehouse logistics. System features: • Accurate detection of real-time position and heading angle; • Realization of automated inventory management; • Integration of sensor data such as laser scanners; • High-precision position detection (accuracy +/ -20 cm); • Infinite expansion of the positioning area • Easy to use, standard LPR technology; • Suitable for any vehicle type; • No complicated mechanical interfaces; • Low cost of infrastructure-dynamic layout without reconfiguration; • Warehouse management software, data transmission via TCP/IP or Serial standard interface; technical parameters: • positioning accuracy: ± 20 cm• measuring distance: up to 1800 meters • measuring frequency: 5.8GHz (does not affect the WiFi network) • working temperature: -40 °C to +75 °C • protection Grade: the highest IP65• Certification: CE, FCC system structure:
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