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The relationship between the maximum lifting capacity of the electric forklift and the load center

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-27
What is the maximum lifting weight and load center? How are they related? Today, the electric pallet truck wholesale manufacturer will explain to everyone: When the center of gravity of the cargo is on the same vertical line as the load center, the maximum weight of the forklift that can be loaded and unloaded is called the maximum lifting weight of the forklift; the standard load center of gravity reaches the front wall of the vertical section of the fork. The horizontal distance is called the load center of the forklift. Usually the load center is specified in the design according to the standard, that is, the load center of electric forklifts with different lifting weights is generally different. When the center of gravity of the cargo is within the range of the load center, the electric pallet truck can carry out loading and unloading operations with the maximum lifting capacity, otherwise the stability of the electric forklift will be damaged and accidents may occur.
The relationship between the weight of the electric pallet truck and the maximum lifting capacity
The dead weight and maximum lifting capacity of electric forklifts are generally double the maximum lifting capacity of forklifts.   The rated lifting capacity of an electric forklift refers to the maximum weight of the cargo that is allowed to be lifted when the distance from the center of gravity of the cargo to the front wall of the fork is not greater than the distance between the center of the load, expressed in t (tons). When the center of gravity of the cargo on the fork exceeds the specified load center distance, due to the limitation of the longitudinal stability of the forklift, the lifting weight should be reduced accordingly. The center of gravity of an electric forklift in a stationary state is generally specified as the forklift is placed on a horizontal ground, the mast is vertical to the ground and the fork is in the lowest position, and the forklift is not moving; and the position of the center of gravity in the driving state is also on the horizontal ground. But the fork is raised 300mm and the mast is fully tilted backward. The position of the center of gravity depends on the weight distribution of each component.
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