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These 5 points are enough to judge the quality of boom aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-30
Because of their distinctive features such as safety, high efficiency, intelligent and environmental protection, aerial platform stacker products have been widely used in construction, municipal administration, electric power, shipbuilding and other industries. Its safety and efficiency have been paid more and more attention in the market environment, and its quality has also received more attention and tests. So, how to judge the quality of boom aerial platform stacker? PART1 design concept The assembling process of mechanical equipment is by no means just combining various parts together. From the design of a piece of equipment to the production of the product, the strict control of the various links involved in the process determines the quality of the mechanical production. . Whether the assembly of components matches, whether the overall function of the equipment can be improved after assembly, these also show the unevenness of the assembly process level. PART 2 Safety 2.1 The stability of the boom As far as boom-type aerial work platforms are concerned, one of the goals of considering safety is the stability of the boom. If the axles of some brands of aerial work equipment in the market are not adjusted in real time, it may show that the equipment is not in storage, and a tire is off the ground. In this situation, the equipment shakes and fluctuates greatly, and there are serious safety risks. 2.2 Repeated testing of equipment before leaving the factory. Aerial work platforms involve the life safety of operators. How to ensure that products are delivered to customers in the best condition is a challenge for every manufacturer. The repetitive test tasks on the equipment before leaving the factory seem to be boring, but they are by no means useless. They often constitute the 'quality genes' of different equipment brands. PART 3 reliability details determine success or failure, and making products is no exception. The quality of assembled equipment parts determines the service life and reliability of a piece of equipment to a large extent. How to strictly control the supply of spare parts will not compromise on quality and safety due to cost reasons. This is related to the priority of each manufacturer and how a brand is invincible in the market. One of the decisive factors. The comfort of PART4 operation experience In the process of mechanical product design, humanized design has attracted more and more attention from customers. How the equipment can be driven, whether it is easy to drive, and the size of the operating space directly affect the operating experience of the operator. Part 5 Equipment Repair Convenience At that time, there were many types of domestic aerial work platforms, especially in terms of component versatility. The wearing parts that needed to be replaced often caused a decline in service experience due to the mismatch of types. The article comes from the Internet!
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