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Tips for maintenance of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-04
The advantages of electric stackers are low noise and no exhaust emissions. In fact, the use and protection costs have great advantages over internal combustion engines. Because of its simple and sensitive operation, the operator's operating intensity will be much lighter. Its electric steering system, speed-up control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are all controlled by electric signals, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operators. , In this way, it is very helpful to improve its work efficiency and accuracy of work. Protection cost: The protection and maintenance cycle. The protection and maintenance cycle of electric forklifts is two to three times longer than that of internal combustion. Generally, the protection and maintenance cycle of internal combustion forklifts is 500 operating hours at the longest, while many electric forklifts can now reach 1,000 Maintenance intervals of more than hours. The content of protection and maintenance. The protection and maintenance of electric stackers should be much simpler. Usually only some joint movable parts such as gantry bearings, steering axles, etc., are mainly inspected and cleaned, and they are replaced every 2000 or 3000 hours at most. Hydraulic oil, gear oil and hydraulic oil filter, other required information is very limited. In addition to being smooth, internal combustion lithium pallet truck trucks must replace the engine oil and oil filter every 500 hours at the longest, and replace the hydraulic oil, engine oil, transmission oil and these oil filters every 1000 hours. Also replace the belt. The time required for protection and maintenance, because the protection and maintenance period of electric forklifts is much longer than that of internal combustion forklifts, and the time required for each maintenance is much less than that of internal combustion forklifts, which greatly saves the labor cost required for maintenance. In fact, what is more substantive is that the downtime of the lithium pallet truck has been greatly shortened, so it is difficult to calculate the economic benefits brought about by the improved operating efficiency of the stacker.
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