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Troubleshooting of electric stacker (handling truck), common use failure of stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-15

1. The speed of the driving wheel of the lithium pallet truck is significantly reduced or the driving electromechanical is overloaded.

Reason: the battery voltage is too low or the resistance of the pile head is too large; the carbon deposit between the electromechanical commutators causes the inter-chip Short circuit; improper adjustment of the electromechanical brake causes the electromechanical belt brake to operate; the drive head gearbox and bearings are short and smooth or the base is jammed; the electromechanical armature is short-circuited.

Solution: Introspect the battery when the stacker is loaded End voltage or clean the pile head; clear the commutator; adjust the brake gap; reflect on cleaning and refill the smooth oil to eliminate the jamming situation; replace the new electromechanical.

2. Unable to lift

Reasons: gear pump and pump lift are moderately worn; the overflow valve in the reversing valve is low-pressure improperly; the oil pressure pipeline is leaking; the hydraulic oil temperature is moderate; the gantry slide exists Blocking scene; the motor speed of the oil pump is too low.

Solution: change the worn or gear pump; re-adjust; introspect and repair; change the failed hydraulic oil and reflect on the cause of the lower oil temperature; reflect and adjust ; Introspect the electromechanics and eliminate the faults.

3. It is difficult to actively skew the mast of the stacker or the measures are not fluent

Reason: the skewed cylinder wall and the sealing ring are moderately worn; inside the reversing valve The stem spring is in effect; the piston is stuck on the cylinder wall or the piston rod is winding; excessive deposits in the skewed cylinder or the seal is too tight.

Solution: change the O-ring or cylinder; change the pass spring ; Replace the damaged parts; clean and adjust.

4. The oil pump pressure is excessive or the speed is too slow

Reason: the sealing ring in the pump cover groove is destroyed, and the internal leakage is excessive; the gear is worn; the oil pump is electromechanical The speed is reduced; there is a foreign body in the pipeline.

Treatment methods: change; change the oil pump; check the commutator, remove the carbon deposits between the sheets, adjust the position of the carbon brush; check clean.

5 , The electrical operation is not abnormal.

Reason: The micro switch in the electrical box is destroyed or the status is not properly adjusted; the main circuit fuse or the control electrical fuse is blown; the battery voltage is too low; the contact of the warhead is burned, or Too much dirt causes bad warfare; the contacts do not act.

Solution: change the micro switch to re-adjust the status; change the fuse of the same model; recharge; repair the contacts, mediate or change the warrior; Introspect whether there is a break in the coil of the warrior or change it.

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