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Brief description: Several methods to remove carbon deposits in internal combustion forklift engines

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-22
After the internal combustion forklift of KAESAR () is used for a period of time, a layer of carbon deposits will adhere to the surface of the internal combustion forklift engine. This layer of carbon deposits is a complex mixture formed by the incomplete combustion of the diesel oil that penetrates into the cylinder of the forklift. It has a dense, loose, and soft shape. The color ranges from black to gray, and the temperature of the forming part is about 200°C. . However, it is this inconspicuous carbon deposit that causes partial overheating of forklift parts, which reduces their rigidity and strength. In severe cases, it can also cause serious accidents such as sintering of the injector and valve, ablation of the piston ring, and cylinder pulling. . At the same time, high-temperature particulate carbon deposits in the combustion chamber can also cause surface ignition, resulting in a decrease in the power of the internal combustion lithium pallet truck, and a reduction in the volume of the combustion chamber, an increase in the actual compression ratio, and undesirable phenomena such as pre-ignition and deflagration. In addition, the accumulation of carbon deposits will also pollute the lubrication system, block the oil circuit and filter, and shorten the service life of the diesel engine. Electric lithium pallet truck manufacturers are here to teach you some simple, daily methods to remove carbon deposits in internal combustion forklift engines: 1. Use wire brushes, scrapers, bamboo chips or emery cloth to remove carbon deposits. Special brushes and scrapers can be made according to the shape of the parts to be cleaned: for example, the carbon deposit around the nozzle hole of the injector can be cleaned with a thin copper wire brush; the carbon deposit in the pressure chamber can be inserted with a special through needle made of copper wire To scrape; the carbon deposit on the valve guide and valve seat can be removed with a cylindrical metal brush. The mechanical method has low efficiency and poor cleaning quality for removing carbon deposits. Some parts are difficult to be scraped off, and many small scratches are left, which become the growth points of new carbon deposits and increase the roughness of the parts. Therefore, this method is generally not suitable for high-precision parts. 2. Nuclear spray method. It uses high-speed airflow to spray crushed walnut, peach, and apricot peach shell particles onto the surface of the part to remove carbon deposits. This method has high efficiency in removing carbon deposits and is completely clean, but it requires special equipment to form high-speed airflow, and the cost is relatively high. The above are some simple removal methods. If you need to further remove the carbon deposits of internal combustion forklifts, remember to find professional KAESAR () maintenance personnel, we have more professional methods!
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