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Briefly describe the maintenance and inspection of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-30

First, ordinary such as manual pallet trucks and manual stackers, because they have fewer parts, and compared with electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, dual-fuel forklifts, and reach forklifts, the maintenance cycle can be appropriately longer. For example, maintenance is performed once every six months, while electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, dual-fuel forklifts, and reach forklifts have many parts. Under standardized operation conditions, sophisticated maintenance protection is necessary, and the maintenance time can be shorter than the plan. , For example, maintenance once every 3 months, etc. Current maintenance is the inability to guarantee the safe and efficient work of forklifts.

Second, who will do the maintenance of electric forklifts? Look for a forklift with better skills. The service provider is tight and needs to be relatively stable. It can be maintained and repaired throughout the forklift's service life. It cannot be presented during the forklift maintenance period. The service provider cannot be opened or because other factors form a situation where we cannot continue to provide forklift services for us. It is necessary to find a professional and stable forklift training and maintenance service provider. And the electric pallet truck training and protection service provider you are looking for can provide maintenance programs based on your forklift usage status, and some small forklift problems can also help you Solution. There must be countermeasures to eliminate the repeated minor problems, rather than perfunctory responsibility, so it is necessary to find a forklift repair and maintenance service provider with a long history of repairing forklifts.

Third , Forklift maintenance and repair service providers can formulate a comprehensive and legitimate preventive protection plan for our forklifts, such as how often the side-to-side introspection, the test list for sequential debugging, etc., these data can protect our forklifts. Reference. Secondly, the technical staff must provide us with a list of names every time they introspect, so that we can better understand the existing forklift work patterns.

Fourth, at the same time as the preventive protection plan , Do not remember the clean work of the forklift. There are many reasons for forklift failures, but temporary failure to clean up debris, broken steps, dust, etc. will also lead to the onset of some minor problems, so when doing preventive protection and maintenance programs, it is also Do a good job of cleanliness. Sophisticated cleanliness is essential for the training and repair of electric forklifts.

Fifth, regarding the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc. of forklifts, it is necessary to check the amount of oil on a regular basis to avoid forklift work patterns If you are not good or have a lot of wear, make up for the fuel in real time. Electric forklifts, electric stackers, and electric pallets should pay attention to the capacity of battery water and make up for battery water in real time.

Sixth, pay attention to wearing parts The storage of some vulnerable parts, such as seals, etc., needs to be stored in large quantities during work. In an emergency situation, I can determine the faults in it. If you want to exchange the vulnerable parts, you can solve it by yourself.

Seventh, a complete preventive protection and maintenance program for service providers must have a legitimate free, think about which one is more cost-effective, this can ineffectively increase the cost of forklift use.

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