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Briefly describe the maintenance of electric forklift battery

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-31
The characteristics and working environment of electric forklifts (1) Electric pallet forklifts. The main function of electric pallet forklifts is to realize the point-to-point movement of pallet goods on the plane. Therefore, there is no mast lifting system, which is suitable for those who pay attention to handling and do not need stacking. There are three types of venues: self-propelled, stand-on, and seated, with different costs. (2) Electric pallet stacking forklift, electric pallet stacking forklift is a kind of light indoor lifting and stacking equipment, focusing on stacking function, because of its light body. It is suitable for the transportation of light and small materials in storey warehouses or other narrow places. (3) Forward-moving forklift, the lifting mechanism of the forward-moving forklift can move forward and backward in the longitudinal direction of the forklift. When picking up goods. The center of gravity of the cargo falls within the four fulcrums formed by the wheels. Therefore, the reach forklift has better flexibility and high lifting stability. The load range is usually 1 to 2.5 tons, and the lifting height can reach 12 meters. But because the wheels are smaller. Passability is limited, and because of the complex structure and high cost, it is suitable for places with narrow space and high lifting height requirements, and is mostly used in high-rise warehouses. (4) Universal electric forklift. Universal electric forklift can travel in all directions. In addition to the main features of counterbalanced forklifts, the three wheels can drive in one direction at any angle. Therefore, this model can steer flexibly and pick up goods on the fork. Later, the forklift can be moved in any direction according to the site restrictions. This model solves the problem of turning long materials in narrow spaces, greatly saves space, and can be stacked and disassembled diagonally in trains and cars. (5) Four-way electric pallet truck. The four-way electric forklift integrates the functions of a forward-moving forklift, a side fork, and a counterbalanced forklift. In structure, it is basically the same as a forward-moving forklift. The mast is located between the front and rear wheels. There are two arm-shaped inserting legs in the front of the car. The front end of the inserting legs is equipped with support wheels, and the fork can be attached to the door. The frame moves forward and backward in the longitudinal direction of the forklift. When the forklift is unloaded, the fork is extended, and after the fork is unloaded, the fork returns to the middle position close to the vehicle body, so the driving stability of the forklift is greatly improved. The difference with the forward-moving forklift is that the two load-bearing wheels at the front end of the fork legs of the four-way electric pallet truck can be rotated by 90° through the steering mechanism. When the rear wheels are rotated by 90°, the entire forklift can be moved from front to back to left and right. Driving is equivalent to a side fork, so it is suitable for long material handling in narrower aisles. The channel width can usually be within 2 meters. However, due to the complex structure, the cost is relatively high. (6) VNA narrow aisle forklift. The main feature of VNA narrow aisle forklift is that the mast lifting mechanism can be rotated in three directions. When stacking, the body does not need to rotate, only the fork or mast needs to be rotated. Therefore, the channel width requirements are greatly reduced. The current channel is below 1.8 meters. But at the same time, the width of the aisle also depends on the size of the tray. For example, it is still impossible to reduce the aisle width when carrying long goods. In addition, in order to ensure the stability of the lateral stacking, the weight of the whole machine is much larger than the three-point counterbalanced electric forklift, so the economy is slightly worse. The two types of forklifts have their own different characteristics and deficiencies, and they also have their own living space, so there is no one of them to completely replace the other, and their practical significance can be summarized as follows: 1. High production efficiency and low operating cost. Mechanized handling is not only shorter than traditional manual handling operations, but also reduces labor expenditures and costs, and improves work efficiency. In the same handling cycle, the number of forklift movements is significantly reduced, the corresponding tires, transmission gears, and fuel consumption of the forklift are also reduced, and operating costs are also reduced. 2. The operation is reliable and the accident rate is reduced. The attachments designed and produced by professional forklift attachment manufacturers for different industrial conditions are all designed with devices, and the clamped (or fork) goods are not easy to slip under abnormal conditions, such as the pressure-holding device of clamp-type attachments; The end buffer device of the mobile attachments, etc., reduces the accident rate. 3. The loss of goods is small. With the help of the attachment's unique functions such as clamping, side shifting, and rotation, the goods can be transported or piled up or loaded and unloaded, thereby reducing the loss of the goods to a minimum. The use of attachments also reduces the frequency of use of pallets, and the corresponding procurement and maintenance costs are also reduced.
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