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Daily inspection specifications for electric forklift trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-08
The electric stacker is mainly composed of batteries, forks, motors, cylinders, piston rods, hydraulic pumps, chains, controllers and other equipment. Its main function is to electric pallet lift truck heavy objects to the required height. Generally, the use of pallets in warehouses, workshops and other places that require logistics transfer can greatly improve the power of storage. The electric stacker is a kind of storage equipment with battery power as power and electric motor as power source. However, in daily use, in order to ensure its normal operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the electric stacker. The following maintenance work for the forks of the electric stacker is for everyone to understand:    1. Check whether there are cracks or open welding at the upper and lower iron welding places of the forks. If there are defects, they should be repaired and corrected in time.  2. The size of the upper and lower iron openings of the forks of the electric stacker is 27mm, and the operating limit is 29mm. If this limit is exceeded, it should be corrected in time.  3. Flaw detection is required for the force-bearing parts of the fork arm and the fork face. When there is a crack, it should be dealt with in time. 4. When blocking the rack and the fork loading carriage, the upper planes of the two forks should be kept in the same plane, and there should be no unevenness or misalignment. 5. The level difference of the two fork tips of the electric stacker forks Exceeding 5mm, the length difference exceeding 10mm, the wear in the length direction of the fork is less than the standard 40mm, the tip of the fork is ground into a tangled shape, the fork is bent and deformed, or the angle between the fork surface and the fork arm is greater than 90°. These phenomena should be replaced. Or repair.  6. u200bu200bThe welding part should not show cracks or open welding, and the beam deformation should not be greater than 2mm. If the protective frame is deformed and welded, it should be reshaped and re-welded in time. 7. Install the rack and fork, and the thickness and length of the selected fork should be roughly the same.
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