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Demystified: What should I pay attention to when using the battery of an electric forklift?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-12
With the increasing demand for electric forklifts, electric pallet trucks, as a right-hand man in the handling industry, play different important roles in different industries, not only bringing more economic benefits, but also expanding the electric pallet truck industry Team! So, what should you pay attention to when using the battery of an electric pallet truck? Let me tell you: 1. The battery produces hydrogen, which may cause an explosion. Therefore, do not smoke near the battery or bring equipment that can easily ignite. Keep the battery well ventilated when storing or charging, but do not exhaust. Place, avoid corrosion caused by acid mist. 2. The battery fluid contains corrosive liquid, which may cause severe burns. Therefore, avoid contact with the battery fluid on your skin and eyes. If you accidentally touch it, rinse it with water or consult a doctor immediately. 3. When checking or maintaining the battery forklift, wear rubber gloves to avoid electric shock. 4. The surface of the battery or the place where it is connected must be kept clean. If there is dust, debris, etc., use a damp cloth to clean it, otherwise it is easy to leak electricity. 5. When cleaning the battery, wipe it with a cloth with a little water. 6. Do not use tools to connect the positive and negative poles of the battery. 7. When charging the electric forklift, the temperature of the electrolyte should not exceed 50 degrees to avoid overflow of the electrolyte.
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